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Estonia considers liming as a result-based agri-environmental measure

One of the objectives of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is to bolster environmental care and climate action and to contribute to the environmental and climate objectives of the EU. In Estonia, SWOT analysis was prepared, and it showed that increasing soil organic carbon on arable land is needed to contribute to the climate change mitigation. Consistent agricultural practices through liming on arable land can enhance the ability of soils to store carbon. Therefore a result-based liming-measure is currently developed in Estonia, and it is planned to apply it in the upcoming CAP period.
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Photo: Ahti Nurm

New book

Farming for Nature: The Role of Results-based Payments

Edited book that collates several Irish experiences of developing and applying results-based approaches for the conservation of farmland biodiversity (Photo: Feargal Ó Cuinneagáin).

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Brendan Dunford

“Results-based schemes bring diversity to the management”

Brendan Dunford from Ireland explains us in a 7 min - interview, what he personally likes on the Result Based scheme and what he would advise countries, who want to start with such a program.

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