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Estonia considers liming as a results-based agri-environmental measure

One of the objectives of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is to bolster environmental care and climate action and to contribute to the environmental and climate objectives of the EU. Therefore a results-based liming-measure is currently developed in Estonia, and it is planned to apply it in the upcoming CAP period (Photo: Ahti Nurm).
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Successful webinar

“Assessing Results-Based Indicators“

On 30 June 2020, the first of a series of webinars organised and conducted by the RBP network took place.

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Recommendations for post-2020 CAP

RBPS and Pollinators

Experts identify results-based schemes as means to incentivise positive management for pollinators.

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Brendan Dunford from Ireland

“Results-based schemes bring diversity to the management”

Brendan Dunford explains, what he would advise countries, who want to start with such a program.

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RBPS specifically mentioned

in EU 2030 biodiversity strategy

Promoting result-based payment schemes are among the 2030 Commitments of the EU Biodiversity Strategy.

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