Result Based Payments


Results-based agri-environment payment schemes are schemes where farmers and other land managers/owners receive payments for delivering a specific environmental result or outcome. Hence, they differ from the traditional payments that are management based, prescribing when or what the farmer has to do or must not do to get the payment. These results-based approaches offer farmers the flexibility to use their knowledge and experience to manage the land in a way that delivers the environmental outcome/result (e.g. biodiversity, carbon storage, water regulation) alongside their food and fibre prodution activities. The farmer is in principle free to do what fits the site, the weather of the year, the farm and her or his own situation - it is only the environmental results that counts.

Results-based schemes can be funded in a variety of ways. Existing schemes are funded through public funding such as the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), national or regional funds, as well as private initiatives. They maybe implemented through collective approaches, such as in the Netherlands, involve local or native communities, such as the Sami reindeer herders in Sweden, or via individual farmers and land managers. Central to all of these approaches is engaging the knowledge of farmers in managing their land in a way that helps to improve biodiversity delivery as well as other environmental outcomes on the ground alongside their other agricultural activities.