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How can a results based scheme be controlled by the paying agency as they are used to control measures?

Developing a system of verifying results and controlling results-based payments that meets EU requirements, and training paying agency staff in its use. It is possible to establish contact to the Austrian paying agency (Agrarmarkt Austra) which has experience in controlling results based schemes (the Austrian nature conservation plan).

What are suitable results indicators?

See example of existing projects. Indicators must be well correlated with the biodiversity objective, are relatively stable and respond to management but are not unduly influenced by factors beyond the farmer’s control and are easy to measure

We want to develop a results based scheme in our agri-environmental program, but the agri-environmental program has only low acceptance by farmers. How can we reach enough farmers?

Using the ‘freedom to farm’ that results-based schemes allow to build farmers’ acceptance, understanding of and interest in environmental land management.

Guidance documents



Step-by-step guide to designing results-based payment schemes

In order to decide if results-based payment structures are appropriate in a particular situation this handbook explains in detail what results-based payments are and provides guidance on where and when they may be appropriate to use. In addition, throughout this handbook various examples are given to guide readers to additional information (Maher et al., 2018).

Download General Guidance Handbook (pdf-file).


Designing and implementing results-based agri-environment schemes 2014-2020

This Guidance Handbook was designed to support the development of results-based agri-environment payment schemes across the EU (Keenleyside et al., 2014).

Download Handbook (pdf-file).


Learn about how schemes have been developed across Member States and what have been the key factors in their design.

Advisory film presenting guidance about how to involve farmers in results-based agri-environment payment schemes.

Understand how biodiversity has been put at the heart of results-based schemes and the impact this has had.

Hear about RBP scheme in France, Germany and The Netherlands..

German case study featuring a results-based approach to biodiversity conservation.