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Sven Defrijn
Boerennatuur Vlaanderen
Karolien Michiel
Flemish Land Agency
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In Flanders, currently there are no results-based payments schemes within the RDP. AECM are currently based on pre-defined management requirements. AECM advisors of the government (Flemish Land Agency) advise and assist (on management) the individual farmer at the farm level. We focus on creating habitat for species and buffer strips to protect vulnerable landscape features. Some of the AECM are general and some are more specific e.g. AECM for Montagu’s harrier.

Although we are convinced that result-based payments can be more efficient and effectively, key questions on the design, the management and control of such schemes need to be answered before implementation (e.g. suitable indicators that are robust, reliable and understandable for farmers).

For the next RDP we consider to choose for a mixed scheme approach (result- and management driven) for some specific schemes e.g. on botanical management.

Contact person Flemish Land Agency 0032492/231990