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Maintenance of the floristic richness of a permanent grassland




Agro-environmental and climatic measure (AECM) with a localised issue on the scale of one or more parcels

« HERB_07 - Maintenance of the floristic richness of a permanent grassland »

« HERBE_07 - Maintien de la richesse floristique dune prairie permanente »

Objective: This measure is integrated in the Common Agricultural Policy (2nd Pillar)

This measure with an obligation of results is about maintaining permanent grassland with a high floristic richness as these habitats are natural and habitat for species producing a high quality and flexible fodder.

Location of the scheme

whole country

This AECM can only be mobilised in areas where there is a threat of trivialisation of grassland cover and where the recovery of biodiversity or its maintenance requires a particular effort.

Each territory defines, on the basis of a territory diagnosis, the eligible permanent grassland areas (habitats, habitats of species of Community interest) among the crops in the "Permanent grasslands and pastures" category, giving priority to the sectors where the threats of trivialisation of grasslands are the most important.

Duration of the scheme

Until: Ongoing - Will be included in the next CAP

Objective(s) of the scheme / project

  • Biodiversity

Which habitats or species are in the focus of the scheme / project?

  • Habitats (incl. habitats of Fauna-Flora-Habitat-Directive (FFH-D.))
  • Species (incl. species of FFH-D. and Birds Directive (BD))

Maintenance of the floristic richness of a permanent grassland

Which indicators are used?

  • Species (incl FFH and BD)

Indicators species = list of 20 local plants selected from a national list.

In the committed area, at least 4 indicators plants have to be present


Design of scheme / project

  • Hybrid result based payment with complementary management based payments

Obligation to receive the payment



Document to provide

Presence of at least 4 plants indicator of the good agro-ecological status of permanent grasslands from the list of 20 categories of indicator plants specified at territorial level

In the field

plant identification guide

Prohibition on turning over committed areas

In the field & document

Book of interventions

Destruction from tillage or heavy work is prohibited

In the field &document

Book of interventions

Renewal by shallow tillage is not permitted in the year of the commitment

In the field & document

Book of interventions

Use of phytosanitary products, except for localised treatments

Products is banned

In the field & document

Book of interventions

If retained for the territory:

No magnesium and lime inputs

In the field & document (no traces of spreading)

Book of interventions

Record of all interventions


Book of interventions

By which fund(s) is the scheme / project implemented?

  • Agri Environmental Measures of CAP

How are the incentives (payment levels) calculated?

  • Other

The amount of aid is thus calculated by the time spent adjusting practices between intensive and extensive management of a meadow allowing the expression of a diversified flora.

Technical elements

Method of calculating additional costs and loss of income

Calculation formula         

Maximum amount per hectare

Presence of at least 4 indicator plants for the agro-ecological balance of permanent grasslands from a list of 20 categories of indicator plants specified at territorial level

Additional cost :time for observation, reasoning and adjustment of practices to achieve the result 2 hours / hax18,86 € / hours of manpower 37,72 €
Transaction cost :time to assimilate the measure and the list of plants(maximum amount of 20%). 0,5 hours / hax18,86 € / hours of manpower 9,43 € 

Recording of interventions

Additional cost: registration time 1 hour/hax18,86 €/ hours of manpower

18,86 €

No reversion of committed areas


No magnesium and lime inputs, if this ban is retained


Ban on the use of phytosanitary products on committed areas, except for localised treatments


Annual total amount

66,01 €

Is there a top up in case of reaching the goals?

  • No

How are participating farmers supervised/advised?

  • Advisors visits (obligatory)