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Jesús Barreiro-Hurle
European Commission - Joint Research Centre

Biodiversity in Grasslands and improved hedges




As part of the design of the RDP for 2014-2020 the Basque Government wanted to understand the potential for Results Based Payements. Three potential RBP were tested with a sample of farmers: a) biodiversity in meadows, b) carbon fixation on slow-growing forests, and c) habitat connectivity via hedges. 

Location of the scheme

one region

Basque Country. 

Duration of the scheme

Since: ex-ante assessment - no real implementation

Objective(s) of the scheme / project

  • Biodiversity
  • Other

Other - CO2 fixation in trees

Which habitats or species are in the focus of the scheme / project?

  • Habitats (incl. habitats of Fauna-Flora-Habitat-Directive (FFH-D.))
  • Landscape elements

Árnica montana (Anex V); Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. nobilis (Anex V); Narcissus asturiensis (Anexes II & IV)


Which indicators are used?

  • Species (incl FFH and BD)
  • Landscape Elements
  • Other

Other - growth of trees

Grassland - number of species present out of a list of 22

Hedges - width and height, number of authoctonous trees in hedge, connectivity with other hedges (1 to 4 scale depending on the presence, intensity of absence of these features)


Design of scheme / project

  • Pure Result Based Payments

Farmers are informed that they will only be paid if results achieved

By which fund(s) is the scheme / project implemented?

  • Agri Environmental Measures of CAP

How are the incentives (payment levels) calculated?

  • Other

Willingness to accept of farmers to joint the program (stated preference)

Farmers are asked for the compensation requested to participate in the programmes. 

Is there a top up in case of reaching the goals?

  • No

How many hectares are in the scheme?

  • Less than 100

How many farmers take part in the scheme?

  • Less than 50

How are participating farmers supervised/advised?

  • Other

no supervision as it is an ex-ante appraisal

Are there any evaluation results?

  • Yes

The results obtained in the pilot show that all the environmental measures studied are accepted by farmers and that there are potential savings compared to the way in which agri-environmental measures are currently implemented.

Contact person

Jesus Barreiro-Hurle -