Large scale RBPS pilot launched in Ireland

The Results-Based Environment-Agri Pilot Project (REAP) is one of the transitional measures for Irish farming using the additional funding secured by the Ministry for Agriculture, Food and the Marine for environmental initiatives. It is designed to pilot some measures now for possible inclusion later under the next CAP measures for Ireland from 2023 onwards.

Land brought into REAP will be scored in year one to establish its environmental and biodiversity status. In conjunction with their advisor, farmers will undertake environmental improvement works to increase the environmental value of existing farm features with the aim of improving the environmental score in year two. Farms with the highest scoring will receive the greatest payment.

Farmers can expect to receive an average annual payment of up to €4,700 with a maximum payment of €6,900 available. Maximum payment is dependent on a farmer complying with all the detailed criteria as outlined in the terms and conditions of the scheme.


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