Large scale RBPS pilot launched in Ireland

The pilot will trial a results-based scoring and payment system with suitable measures on participating farms across Ireland with a view to identifying upscaling potential and feasibility for use of the model in the next agri-environment scheme following on from GLAS. The pilot will aim to cover a broad geographic spread and include a wide range of farming enterprise types.

Project Objectives

1. To test the potential suitability of a results-based payment system at farm level and the feasibility of upscaling this model as part of the next national agri-environment scheme to follow on from GLAS

2. To identify training needs for farmers, advisors and other stakeholders

3. To identify the barriers to farmer buy-in to the results-based model

4. To raise awareness and achieve attitudinal change among farmers of the value of biodiversity and other ecosystem services on their farms

5. To test the suitability of Department procedures and systems with regards to application procedures, payment procedures/systems, budgeting/financial procedures and audit/control functions.

6. To identify control and inspection implications

7. To test the monitoring and evaluation aspects for results-based payment actions.


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