EU LIFE projects in Ireland set to further test and develop results-based payments approach

A total of 3 new EU LIFE projects were launched in Ireland in 2020 which include opportunities to further test and develop results-based payments for a range of environment targets. Some initial information on these projects and links to LIFE project database are included below. We look forward to following the development of these new projects in the coming years. Together this investment of EU and Irish funding has significant potential. A new year wish and hope for 2021 would be to see these projects accompanied by an expansion and mainstreaming of the existing results-based payments initiatives in Ireland under Ireland’s CAP Strategic Plan.

LIFE Atlantic Crex project

The overall objective is to improve the conservation status of Corncrake (Crex crex) in Ireland by enhancing the special protection area network and surrounding farmland. Working closely with farmers, landowners and the local community the project seeks to improve Concrake habitat condition to increase Corncrake populations, a species whose population has declined by 85% since 1978.  Included as part of the €5,894,895 funding is the developing and piloting of results-based payments to incentivise improved habitat provision for Corncrake and associated species on farmland in the west and north-west of Ireland.

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LIFE Integrated Project - Wild Atlantic Nature

The project aims to improve communication, cooperation and coordination of the protecting and restoration of Ireland’s blanket bog Natura Network along the Atlantic seaboard. A key aspect of the project will be improved integration and mobilisation of complementary funding through promoting synergies with agri-environment schemes under Ireland’s CAP Rural Development Funds. With a budget of approximately €20 million it is hoped that this integrated project can build on the success of existing European Innovation Partnership Projects in Ireland that have developed and piloted results-based payments across peatland habitats - realising benefits for biodiversity, water and climate action.

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LIFE Integrated Project - Waters of LIFE

The project aims to protect and restore high ecological status waterbodies in Ireland. The project is set up to support the implementation of measures to protect and enhance high-status waters through a catchment-scale demonstration project. The project will develop, test and validate integrated catchment management measures to reverse the ongoing decline in the state of Ireland’s Water Framework Directive high status water bodies. With a budget of over €20 million the recent advert for the project managers post made interesting reading from a results-based payments perspective: “A total of six project catchments will be selected, five test catchments and one control catchment. Part of selecting suitable catchments and measures will be encouraging multiple benefits for climate action and biodiversity. The project will include a ‘Results Based Agri-environmental Payment Scheme’ (RBAPS) for participating landowners.”

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