Upcoming Events

25th November 2020

Webinar ‘Preparing the CAP Strategic Plans: Designing Interventions'

Following a first webinar focusing on the designing of the CSP intervention strategy, and in response to stakeholders’ interest, the ENRD Contact Point is organising a new online meeting to discuss the designing of interventions under the future CAP Strategic Plans. More details

1st - 2nd December 2020

The Future of Food Conference 2020

Bringing together EU policymakers, EIT Food partners and other key stakeholders active in agri-food research, innovation and education, along the whole food value chain, the conference will provide a high-level platform to discuss future trends and priorities in food innovation in Europe, in the broader context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More details.

Photo: Pexels on Pixabay

8th December 2020, 14:00 - 17:00 CET

European Biodiversity Conference

Land managers, landowners, policy makers, NGOs and industry representatives are going to discuss the participation of land users and land managers in the protection of biodiversity, as much as agro businesses and industries, from different angels. More details

Photo: Gabriela Piwowarska on Pixabay

20th - 22nd September 2021

Landscape 2021 - Diversity for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture

Landscape 2021 will bring together scientists from across disciplines with key actors to explore whether and how diversity and diversification can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient agriculture. More details

Photo: seehotel-diekseepark onPixabay