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European Biodiversity Conference

The European Biodiversity Conference is an annual high level conference organized by the ELO since 2010. The conference gathers land managers, landowners, policy makers, NGOs and industry representatives to discuss the participation of land users and land managers in the protection of biodiversity, as much as agro businesses and industries, from different angels. 

Every year the conference hosts the Belleuropa Award that honors a Wildlife Estate Label territory which has realized an important step forward to maintain, protect or improve land for the benefit of biodiversity, using agri-environmental measures and achieving significant results from an environmental point of view.

Date and time

8th November 2020

14:00 -17:00 CET: The European Biodiversity Conference

17:00 - 18:00 CET: The ceremony of the European Bee Award, supported by CEMA



Organized by

European Landowners' Organisation

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