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Rewarding sustainability in the food system

The future of our food systems relies on two interdependent demands, that of the adaptation and reinvention of food chain business models, and the provision of farming methods which actively combat climate change and support biodiversity.
During the first session, we will discuss sustainable business models: paying for the transition, asking what new farming models are available for farmers to deliver profitable and climate neutral business. How will this transition be paid for, and are these models scalable enough to effect genuine change?
The second session will focus on rewarding agriculture’s potential solutions for climate change and biodiversity. How can and should food chain actors be rewarded for setting aside land and resources in order to aid in the fight against climate change and promote biodiversity? How can the state and the market develop (new) incentives and rewards? Who will provide them, and how does that impact the price of food?

Date and time

26th October 2020, 3:00 pm - 5:45 pm CET



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Forum for the Future of Agriculture