Conference in Vienna


Setting up a Network

At the start of the results-based payments network, an international conference was organized and held from 16 to 17 September 2019 in Vienna, by Suske Consulting, the association thema:natur and Jordbruks verket – Swedish Board of Agriculture. The event was hosted by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism. More than 50 participants from 17 countries accepted the invitation.

The aim of the conference was to create a network, in which people who are involved in results-based payment schemes (and those who want to create such schemes) can come together and exchange experiences on a regular basis.

To facilitate this, the conference started with short presentations of various existing results-based payments schemes from Europe. This was followed by an open discussion in which the transferability of the results-based approach to other ecosystem services (water, soil and climate) was discussed. Finally, further steps how to build a network for results-based payments were discussed.

During a poster presentation the following RBPS and research projects were presented:

Austria: Results-based Nature Conservation Plan

Belgium: Results-based payments for botanical grassland management

Ireland: RBPS

Slovenia: Life to Grasslands

Sweden: Result and Value Based Payments for Landscape Elements and Forest Edges

Switzerland: Goal-oriented Promotion of Biodiversity in the Canton of Zurich

United Kingdom: RBPS Pilot Yorkshire Dales National Park

United Kingdom: RBPS Pilot on Arable Land

Console: Contract Solutions for Effective and Lasting Delivery of Agri-Environmental Climate Public Goods by EU Agriculture and Forestry

Contracts2.0: Co Design of Novel Contract Models for Innovative Agri-Environmental Climate Measures and Valorisation of Environmental Public Goods

MIRBAP: Using Models to Implement Result-based Agri-Environmental Payments


On the second conference day participants visited two farmers in Lower Austria and Styria, who take part in the Austrian Results-based nature conservation plan.

In the course of conference the idea of this website was born, which aims to promote the international exchange of the network. It is online since April 2020.

A board of five people is responsible for planning and conducting further activities of the network: Wolfgang Suske (Suske Consulting), Nika Debeljak (Senior Consultant at the Slovenian Institute for Nature Conservation), Knut Per Hasund (Senior Economist at the Swedish Agricultural Office), James Moran (ecologist and biologist at the Irish Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology) and Gerald Schwarz (researcher at the German Thünen Institute for Agricultural Economics).

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