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Result based payment (RBP) schemes are increasingly being used as a means of increasing the environmental services from agriculture, such as promoting biodiversity, enhancing landscape amenities and improving water quality. In Europe, the number of such schemes has been steadily growing in recent years. Accordingly, a diverse range of different payment models have now been tested and implemented across the continent. There is significant potential to improve the environmental effectiveness and efficiency of the agri-environmental schemes by employing RBPS, but the knowledge of how to optimise the design of such schemes optimally is missing in some instances.

The aim of the RBP network is to:

  • be a meeting point for sharing experiences on result based payments, their design, their pros and cons, their applicability for different agri-environmental problems etc.,
  • linking researchers, policy makers and farmers in the development of result based payments to vitalize both the academic work and the policy design,
  • promoting contacts and partnerships at local, national and European level,
  • promoting the implementation of RBPS to public at large and among farmers
  • increasing the ownership of farmers for biodiversity and climate measures.

The starting point for our network was a conference in Vienna, where representatives of 17 countries participated.

It was jointly decided that a forum was needed to bring people together who implement RBP schemes or who are interested in them. It is an open network – all persons dealing with RBP are welcome to join.

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